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Because our services

remain humane, targeted at higher aims both as far as individuals and communities are concerned, instead of pure profit-seeking. Conscious learning and tourism, expanding individual horizons in peace with the environment: these are our guidelines. The performances, in turn, serve the purpose of casting light on the growth of consciousness regarding our own life events in the historical context we are born into, showing situations where one needs to make authentic decisions.

Because it is

environmentally conscious and arouses the attention to live in harmony with nature, supplementing and offering an alternative to city tourism. We are convinced that nature gives us a tremendous amount of energy and that we, human beings, have a duty to give back to nature what we can, by taking care of it.

Because it can be 

adapted anywhere, it caters for the traditions of the respective region/country/settlement, in harmony with the Eastern and Western way of thinking. When the idea of offering mentored tours and training through storytelling was conceived, I went to a lecture of Rupert Sheldrake who mentioned pilgrimages as the initial, most ancient form of tourism. I instantly recalled my own Camino trips in Spain and started researching routes in my home country, and the concept for my interactive, drama-based self-development walks was ready to be launched. I feel that particular attention needs to be paid to traditions and belief systems of any population, and if we dive deeper into exploring the roots of our thinking, we will find that the ancient heritage of nations is much more correlated than we think, and finding a common denominator enhances effective communication and fosters peaceful relations, which has attained utmost importance in the present day economic and political climate.

Because the

average tourist rarely encounters high standard and in-depth, interactive theatre performances based on the history of the country they are visiting. There has been a growing market in the world for entertainment when it comes to tourism and education as well as art, comedy and farce have gained territory in theatres. Some of these do touch upon history, however, most of them remain on the surface in terms of how they depict stereotypes and culture. We tackle this situation by offering monologues and stories that delve deeper into the national psyche and through the means of art our audience receive inspiration to learn and think more: they get tuned into their own mechanisms of behaviour rather than switching off and desensitising. At the same time, they will never need to leave without laughter and fun.

Because it is

accessible and because of its multilingual nature makes friendly tourism, quality connections possible between individuals, cultures and various social strata. The planning and delivery of our tours, trainings and performances caters for individual qualities and backgrounds, fostering lasting cooperation between service providers and guests.

They have chosen us …

Best tour I’ve ever had!

It was first time that a guide making me feel that I never had a proper tour before. So I far I traveled to 21 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. This tour was absolutely the best one I ever had. Orsi, yes, this is the name, I asked to write me the name because I really wanted to share the experience. Orsi was our guide, such a friendly person, answered all questions to the very deep levels, such knowledgable, dynamic and smiling person who made us feel very warmed and comfortable even when it was almost zero degrees in town. She always made sure everyone is following, listening, hearing, understanding, and surely laughing with her jokes. It was best decision in Budapest to take this tour. Too bad the video I recorded has problems with the sound but I really wanted to share how she ended the tour: she sang and danced exhibiting traditional Hungarian art (or Magyar as she explained the common worldwide mistake). The tour is highly recommended. Orsi, thank you, you made our visit just perfect! This is the really friendly tourism.

Ward T, Brussels

Education, enlightenment and fun!

These are just three of the words that spring to mind when I recall having Orsolya as a tour guide in Budapest and the surrounding areas! I have joined Orsolya on a number of tours around Budapest, and have always found her a vibrant, entertaining and very knowledgeable tour guide and far removed from the bland and repetitive ‘guides’ I have encountered at time elsewhere. Knowing how good Orsolya is a guide and enthuser I also sought her for an individual tour to Szentendre which was thoroughly enjoyable with never a dull moment. She also writes thought provoking plays and stories which bring folklore as well as modern thoughts into perspective. Take the plunge, step away from the humdrum and release yourself into an exciting new dimension of travel, you will NOT regret it!

Timothy Hawkes


Absolutely fantastic. Tailored perfectly for our children of 5 and 12. Orsha (I hope that is spelt correctly?) was a most engrossing and entertaining guide you could wish for.

Only regret is that we didn’t get a picture with her but then again I’m not sure witches images can be caught on camera! Highly recommended.

The Hughes Tour

My partner and I were very excited to join this walking tour in Budapest and our tour guide have exceeded our expectations. Orsi was very friendly, always answering our questions, and seemed very patient, even if there was a small baby in the group. Her English was very good and she even prepared a game for us, like a small quiz in which we had to guess which 3 objects are Hungarian inventions. She did this while others went to use the restrooms or buy some water. She was very organised and the tour was just right: not too long but enough to cover most of our questions. At the end, she marked on our maps some places of interest as well as cheap eats and ruin bars.

I highly recommend these tours! We must admit it was one of the best parts of our trip

Astrid B. (Edinburgh)

We did a long walking tour with Orsi (Ursula) as our guide. She was informative, well-spoken and ensured that we all learnt about her home country as we strolled the streets. She provided some insightful tips to better enjoy Budapest and help us fall in love with the city. Very enjoyable few hours journey. Would highly recommend to others visiting the city.

Kylie B. (Darwin, Australia)

I have known Orsolya for several years and even though my work commitments haven’t allowed me to learn English on an ongoing basis, last year I did a one-to-one Storytelling training with her as a tutor. It has been one of the best experience-based courses I have ever done. The stories were intriguing, the techniques opened up a new, more systematic way of communicating my ideas and I left with increased confidence, a much wider vocabulary and polished pronunciation. Thanks so much, Orsolya, I will do the drama-based training next!

Krisztina Sz.

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