Gellért Hill – witches and dictatorships

Story Tours on the Green

On this tour we will remain in a city environment but still discover a unique microclimate intertwined with exciting history from pre-Christian times up to the present day. Why were locals scared of going up the hill on Saturday night? Who built the sinister fortress, the Citadel that crowns the top? What is the significance of its caves? This area has hidden spots that surprise and intrigue anyone who discover them.

We will wind our way from the elegant Elisabeth Bridge through a plateau with a lovely diarama of the city up to the Statue of Liberty that has a turbulent and exciting history of dictatorship. On the way up we will undergo a time travel over the centuries from the foundation of the Hungarian state through the perception of witches to the present day, we will pause on the top for the best panoramic photos of the city.

Languages: English, Hungarian, German or Spanish.

If needed, in two languages simultaneously.

Age: 6+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Group size: 1-10 people

This tour is suitable for individuals and small groups alike.

Type: Story Tours on the Green

A nature and city walk.

Price: 150 EUR

150 EUR (without public transportation tickets)

We will wind our way down via the Chapel of the Rock, a former Pauline monastery (the only order founded by the Hungarians in the Middle Ages, a mystical Christian group of monks) and we will learn about the evolution of our country after the political changes of 1989/1990. We will then head down to Liberty Bridge that abounds in symbolic representations of our country and our tour will end in a literary café of a unique ambiance on Béla Bartók Avenue (which was named after one of the most famous composers of 20th century Hungary, who wrote the opera called Bluebeard). Here you can have lunch or alternatively cross the bridge to the Central Market Hall for further culinary exploration.

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