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Language Studies

will be tailored to your individual needs

English Communication through Skype


Do you live in an area from where it is difficult to get to trainings and language classes? Or do you want to develop while your tutor is abroad? That’s why I’m offering an opportunity to undertake either the English through Storytelling or the Confident English communication training also via Skype.


These days not only has it become customary to communicate globally, but at times it is a necessity. I have recently experienced that even hypnosis works through Skype, so does drama, creative writing and telling stories.

If you are a learner of English who lives far away from my native Hungary, or you just want to build your confidence and enhance your creativity, you’re welcome to take classes in a prearranged timeframe with the same content, the delivery will be tailored to your individual needs.

You will be receiving exactly the same quality of feedback regarding your accuracy also in written form via Skype and through the video call your body language and facial expressions will be as carefully observed as if you were in the same room. Beat the isolation and take the necessary steps to forge a new future where distance doesn’t matter!

After taking the English communication course you may even feel the urge to share what you’ve learnt with your local community and acquaintances.

More trainings

Confident English: Creative writing and drama

We will work with various triggers from performing and visual arts as well as music to create short pieces of writing and then we will spice them up, finding the right form to perform them (poems, rehearsed reading, drama dialogues and monologues).

Refine your English through Storytelling

Discover the depth of folk tales and see how they address your life and what images or memories they invoke: compose your own story and share it while enhancing your presentation and refining your English language skills (fluency and accuracy alike), confidence and creativity!