In our computerized world technology often takes over communication in the flesh, so real listening becomes even more valuable as well as storytelling: conveying messages of bliss and pain.

I aim to contribute to establishing an equilibrium between tradition and innovation by organising tours, trainings and theatre events fostering in-depth interpersonal communication, using both ancient formulas of sharing while offering modern resources to supplement the personal process and for dissemination.

I pursue and remain loyal to my commitment of:


  • Individualised, quality tourism/education vs mass tourism/education. I guide individuals or small groups (couples, families, friends or collegues, or like-minded travellers) on routes which locals take, where crowds and the fumes of vehicles do not prevent us from having a full experience using all our senses, where prices are not sky-high. This of course includes more walking and taking public transportation, so you will get fitter by the end and become enriched manifold.

  • In-depth tourism/education vs superficial tourism/education. Instead of clicking our cameras at lightning speed without taking time for our perception to receive an abundance of impressions, we take our time exploring our routes. Our guests have time to digest the information they receive in an entertaining and interactive format, and we do not skip the stage of introspection and reflection, either: tailor-made tasks are awaiting you to unfold your analytical skills, creativity and values.

  • Green, environmentally friendly tourism vs tourism that damages the environment. Our committed philosophy is to protect what is left of untouched nature and to substitute damage with a more gentle alternative both when it comes to transport (even if we cannot eliminate pollution entirely), and travellers’ ethics (producing less litter, favouring catering facilities that offer organic food, etc)

  • Accessible tourism/education vs inaccessible tourism/education. Given our experience in working in a range of countries of various perceptions and social models, we do our best to make it possible for travellers of disadvantaged background to take part in our experiences and trainings: when necessary, we tailor the route to avoid stairs or steep climbs, we cater for security and info-communication access when it comes to disseminating materials, tasks or follow-up information, etc.)

  • Slow, detailed but far-reaching tourism/education vs accelerated tourism/education (accumulating experiences excessively). Our tours and trainings take longer than the mainstream ones to provide a full experience of an area, historical period or genre of art, allowing time for recharging your batteries as well as offering alternatives for further learning.