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Refine your English through Storytelling


Discover the depth of folk tales and see how they address your life and what images or memories they invoke: compose your own story and share it while enhancing your presentation and refining your English language skills (fluency and accuracy alike), confidence and creativity!


Do you know that folk tales were originally told by adults to adults and only later on did they become staple nutrition for children’s development and entertainment?

Hungary (both its present territory and that of the diaspora) boasts thousands of folk tales and songs, so we have a wide array of material to choose from in stage 1 of the training when you will pick one randomly to work with. To warm up your storytelling and confidence muscles, we will do some improvisation exercises and then continue with examining some models of Storytelling (e.g. the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell) and see how they apply to our tale.

At second stage we will tune into how the tale addresses our own lives and psychological situations, and then will write our own story and perform it. This training takes three full days in a group of 8-10 (21 hours altogether), however, it can be taken on a one-on-one basis and also on a weekly schedule, 3 hours each session, on 7 occasions.

We will not only focus on developing your listening and presentation skills, but also on the use of appropriate language with an engaging vocabulary. It is a three-in-one package: language development, personal development and communication skills training. Explore your raw energy and insight and transform it into art!

More trainings

Confident English: Creative writing and drama

We will work with various triggers from performing and visual arts as well as music to create short pieces of writing and then we will spice them up, finding the right form to perform them (poems, rehearsed reading, drama dialogues and monologues).

English Communication through Skype

Do you live in an area from where it is difficult to get to trainings and language classes? Or do you want to develop while your tutor is abroad? That’s why I’m offering an opportunity to undertake either the English through Storytelling or the Confident English communication training also via Skype.