Tata: The city of waters

Countryside tours

This charming town lies on the rail route between Budapest and Vienna and it abounds in natural and man-made sights: huge lakes, mills, grottas. At the bank of the Old Lake stands the 232 year old majestic plane tree, Tree of the European Year in 2015. It has been imported from Versailles and can be found right by the Castle of Tata. We will start a tour from an elevation on Calvary Hill with a Celtic ambiance, from a lookout tower that once had been used to release gunpowder for the production of cannonballs. It is 37 metre high and there is an opportunity to climb the 170 steps for a unique view.

Then we will head down to the town centre with the Old Lake, followed by lunch in a restaurant with an interior that resembles the deck of a pirate ship. After a quality meal we will see the famous wooden clocktower and then make our way to the English Park, which is an enticing green area right on the bank of another huge lake (Cseke tó). It is a romantic location designed in a less regulated way than the French castle gardens, full of artificial ruins, little caves, pavilions and weeping willows. 

Languages: English, Hungarian, German or Spanish.

If needed, in two languages simultaneously.

Duration: 6 hours

Including one way travel time.

Age: 6+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Group size: 1-10 people

This tour is suitable for individuals and small groups alike.

Type: Countryside tours

A town walk.

Price: 200 EUR

200 EUR (without public transportation tickets and meals).

In Hungary even artificial ruins contain real ones because of our long turbulent history, here we can even spot stones from the Roman Age. We will round off our visit in an elegant café and cake shop that is located right by the park. All in all, Tata is well worth a visit and you may even want to stay here overnight: on the next day you can walk a section of the Hungarian Camino (St Jacob’s Way) or rent a bike and discover all the area which lends itself to various types of sport on land and water.

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