Spiritual background

With a keen interest in the history of religions as well as anthropology, Orsolya Mira studied theology and philosophy at secondary school, followed by reform pedagogy at University. She volunteered at various interfaith communities for 5 years (Share Music Charity, which organises inclusive theatre programmes for disabled and non-disabled participants). She has been a vegetarian for 22 years and took up yoga in order to gain physical and spiritual stamina as well as further insights into the Eastern concept of health and balance.

She attended a number of lectures on non-violent communication and neuro-linguistic programming, with a keen interest in learning styles. She was the coordinator and co-trainer of the first Disability Equality Training in Budapest, a two year programme that portrayed the lives of disadvantaged people, which culminated in an exhibition and performance in the Hungarian National Museum. Because of its outcomes and innovative approach (using art, drama and creative writing) the project received an award from Tempus Public Foundation in 2009.

In the past two years she researched shamanic practices in Hungary and Europe in general, and undertook various workshops in the aspect of shamanic journeying and meditation techniques. The task of translating three books on everday spirituality and healthy lifestyles provided a platform to deepen her knowledge of how the mind and body works. She is currently researching the ancient history and anthropology of the Magyars (Hungarians) including pilgrimage routes in Europe and all over the world, as gateways to the in-depth exploration of the self.

„Because you are wanderers, every day you need to go on your path that leads towards your only destination: towards getting to know your soul.”
(Sándor Márai)