Linguistic background


From my early years I have been engaged with the English language when in Communist Hungary the opportunity arose to start taking English classes at my elementary school in a suburb of Budapest. Little did I know then that English would be my primary language of communication and also my vocation as a tutor, guide, actor and writer.

I completed my MA studies as a Teacher of English and wrote two dissertations in the field of linguistics and history. In the framework of a European Union project I coordinated the artistic cooperation of four countries from 2007 to 2009, and acted as an assistant tutor at City College Coventry, UK. I took a course at playwriting at Warwick University and completed a foundation course in acting in Birmingham during my stay in England.

I wrote the script and performed the one-person show (see here) for three years till 2018. For my degree of Creative Writing at Metropolitan University, I wrote a full length play titled Seven Dates which I will put on soon.

Apart from English, my linguistic background involves German and Spanish, I needed both languages for tourism and European projects as well as retreats. I was lucky enough to learn literary Latin at secondary school, which makes language acquisition easier.

Translation services

Literary translation

My fields of work include literature, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, spirituality, anthropology, ethnography, arts and intercultural communication. More


Throughout my career I have been assisting individuals to enhance their communication skills whether in the field of languages or effective delivery. More