General Tour for Individuals and Companies

Hidden history

There is an abundance of „Highlights of Budapest” tours available in our city, however, few of them target individuals or companies that wish to have a quality experience, avoiding crowds. Budapest has an excellent public transportation system, with amazing tram routes. In accordance with our philosophy of environmentally friendly tourism, we will start the general tour either with a short but pleasant tram ride from Batthyány Square to the Castle gardens or with a walk along the Danube promenade.

The meeting point is the most beautiful Baroque church of the city (St Anne’s), overlooking the third largest Parliament of the world. After passing the oldest permanent bridge of the city (Chain Bridge), we will reach the recently renovated Bazaar area with its tastefully planned gardens, fountains and mosaics. We will then take an escalator (or stairs if you wish to take exercise) up to the rear bastion of the Royal Palace, explore the building’s hidden spots and we will learn about 800 years of its history.

Languages: English, Hungarian, German or Spanish

If needed, in two languages simultaneously.

Duration: 3 hours

Entire time of the tour.

Group size: 1-10 people

This tour is suitable for individuals and small groups alike.

Age: 13+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Type: Hidden history

City orientation tour.

Price: 150 EUR

150 EUR (without public transportation tickets)

After admiring the breathtaking views of the whole city beneath our feet we will walk to the Hungarian „White House” where the president works. This is a very popular building with visitors as guards change in a ceremonial way at regular intervals. The last section of our general tour will target the absolute highlight of our city: the recently renovated Matthias Church that we will approach from the back to avoid crowds. On our way we will learn about the unique cave system underlying the area and its functions.

Our tour will terminate in a tiny bakery in a 14th century house, an absolute delight with its freshly baked products including the poppy seed and cherry strudel and the cheesy scones.

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