We will focus on

effective presentation as well as fluency,
accuracy written/verbal communication skills.

Confident English: creative writing and drama


We will work with various triggers from performing and visual arts as well as music to create short pieces of writing and then we will spice them up, finding the right form to perform them (poems, rehearsed reading, drama dialogues and monologues).


When you prepare for language exams or job interviews, you often encounter a number of uninteresting topics or routine tests which fail to engage your body, mind and spirit into the learning process.

As a language tutor, I have 20 years of experience in teaching confident English and communication skills, supplemented by drama, improvisation theatre and creative writing qualification. Over the past two decades I have compiled a number of exciting games and inspirational materials to start off your process of creating something that excites you and captures your attention.

At first you will be shown a trigger (a painting, a posture, a music piece) or you will have the opportunity to have a guided relaxation or meditation and you will work with the images that appear in your consciousness. We will then work with these images, incorporating them into models of various literary genres or forms (you will be free to choose unless you want to improve in a certain field like letter writing, dialogue, or essay). Once you’ve finished preparing a piece, you will be given individual attention to check your accuracy and style. In the second part of the training, we will either prepare a group performance from the newly born materials (we will brainstorm for weaving it all into an emerging, new form) or you will create a duo piece with your tutor if you’re taking the ’confident English’ training individually.

We will focus on effective presentation as well as fluency, accuracy and written/verbal communication skills. Of course you can invite friends and family to see the final production! This training is undertaken over 3 days (21 hours) or it can be taken in 3 hour long sessions.

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