The Tree that Reached the Sky tour

Story Tours on the Green

This fairly long but most inspiring Hungarian folk tale is an initiation in itself. ’The Tree that Reached the Sky’ has several layers from a psychological perspective and shows a model for the Hero’s Journey, leaving us spellbound from beginning to end. On this tour we will head out to an enchanted forest in or around Budapest, entering the magic world of fairy houses, trees, tombs and alcoves that will house the performance of the tale, followed by interactive exercises that target each stage of development.

The location of this tour may vary, those with more reduced mobility are also welcome, as it is focused on content rather than location. The story’s primary image is a giant tree, which in fact is the tree of life, and it appears in the Hungarian táltos (a unique form of shamanism) belief system.

The story can be interpreted at various levels, we will examine the one that lends itself to the most creative questions: how the various qualities that are essential for the human being to unfold his/her full potential are attained by the main character, what stages he needs to go through.

Languages: English, Hungarian

If needed, in both languages simultaneously.

Duration: 3 hours

Entire time of the walk.

Age: 6+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Group size: 1-5 people

Special individual mentoring.

Type: Story Tours on the Green

A nature and city walk tour.

Price: 150 EUR

150 EUR (without public transportation tickets)

We will examine how these qualities are present in our daily lives, doing an exciting experiment: if we were to interpret each emerging character as an aspect that is present in our personality, where do we see ourselves in the tale? What is our magic power and how can we access it in demanding situations? Who are our helpers and how do we look after them? And, finally, how could we bring challenging situations to a different ending?

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of ’The Tree that Reached the Sky’, to reflect upon it verbally and/or in writing over a heart-warming drink and snack after the „walking theatre show”, or in the framework of a picnic.

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