Gift voucher

It has become an increasingly popular phenomenon to give experiences to our loved ones as gifts for any special occasion or as a sign of tender loving care. Given our philosophy, mission and values that are far from materialistic, we have thought of making our services (tours, trainings and performances) available as gifts for individuals as well as for families or small groups. Are you seeking some sensible and entertaining as well as inspirational pastime for your partner while you are at a work conference?

  • Do you want to make your mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary memorable buying them a special travelling or cultural experience?
  • How about rewarding your colleagues at your company for their competence and achievement with a trip?
  • If you live in Hungary and have a family member or friend who needs to improve his/her English or communication skills/creativity, why don’t you purchase a gift voucher for them to use to cover part of their training fee?
  • Do you wish to spice up your everyday evening routine by trying our story night in the company of a like-minded person you find dear?

Book us for a loved one (or for an enemy, maybe they will become a friend in the long run, enlightened with some ideas and knowledge 😀 ) Contact us well in advance as we would like to make sure that the service is available at the requested date (especially if it is a birthday or holiday with advance booking).


Let the energies flow!