Throughout my career I have been assisting individuals to enhance their communication skills whether in the field of languages or effective delivery. My experience in the field of personal development, theatre and neuro-linguistic programming have all contributed to my effective work as an interpreter for companies, organisations and individuals alike.

My family and my school were focused on training my memory from a very young age and I took part in several competitions reciting poems and ballads during my childhood.

My University (ELTE Teacher Training) made it possible for me to train my interpretation skills further in 1999, since then I have been requested to do verbal translation in a number of language combinations, themes and venues. Among others, I have worked in interpretation for the Lutheran Church of Bavaria (English-German, German-English), for the Hungarian National Museum (in the framework of the Act Well European project when we mounted an exhibition depicting the lives of people with disabilities in four respective countries), and for writer and artist Peter Fekete (English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English). I enjoy translating in person even more than in writing, however,

I am selective about the themes (arts and humanities being my forte), as I find it important to remain interested and enthusiastic about this valuable work that has not been ousted by technology so far. Even though there are ways to make oneself understood, if one aspires for quality, one needs a competent translator or someone that can collaborate in interpretation.

Price: 60 EUR/hour