Literary translation


My fields of work include literature, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, spirituality, anthropology, ethnography, arts and intercultural communication. In the past twenty years I have been charged with several shorter or longer texts to translate either from English into Hungarian or vica versa. Most people find it challenging to translate from their mother tongue into a foreign language, however, because of my long periods of stay in English speaking countries I find it fairly easy and can work effectively.


Books I have translated so far include ’the Third Wish’ (a biography) and Life Navigator 2 (a self-help book) by Gunagriha (Dr. Alexander Fülöp) and ’The Dynamism of Love’ (a philosophical thesis and autobiography) by Sarolta Kovács. My current literary translation work involves translating the poems and song lyrics of British contemporary poet and singer Asha Elijah (into Hungarian) as well as the historical information booklets of Tibor Váradi regarding the ancient history of the Hungarians, their anthropology, ethnography and belief systems.


I also translated some poems of sociologist and philosopher Csaba Varga. It is my regular practice to visit Hungarian speaking lectures on psychology, religion and communication, taking notes in English for my friends. Lastly, whenever I write something (a short story, play or article), I do so in English and then translate myself into Hungarian for my local audience, so I kill two birds with one stone by being bilingual when it comes to creative work.

Normal price: 3 HUF/character (with spaces)
In case of emergency, a 30-50 % extra cost will be calculated.