Pilis: the sacred route

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There is a range of hills about an hour away from Budapest that abounds in spiritual sites (among others, when the Dalai Lama visited our country, he paid his very first visit here to a place on a sacred route that is supposed to be the heart chakra of the Earth at Dobogókő (Thumping Rock).  A number of faith systems of the world is represented in the Pilis Hills, from Shamanism through Christianity to Buddhism.

This tour will be a kind of guided pilgrimage on sites of exceptional beauty and energy, the history and depiction of the sites are accompanied by more introspective time periods when we will have the chance to experience a number of spiritual practices, like chanting (or listening to songs), contemplation or the Japanese style forest bathing, sensitising ourselves to attain a more complete experience.

An open mind, some stamina, and a readiness for reflection are essential prerequisites for taking this tour, but you don’t need to prepare for atonement and fasting: we will have regular stops for rest and recharging our strength with cakes and fresh country food on this sacred route.

Languages: English, Hungarian

If needed, in both languages simultaneously.

Duration: 8 hours

Entire time of the hike. One way travel time included.

Age: 18+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Group size: 1-5 people

 Special individual mentoring. This tour is suitable for individuals and small groups alike.

Type: Self-development tours

All day tour.

Price: 200 EUR

200 EUR (without public transportation tickets and meals)

We will take a bus to the small village of Pilisszántó first: an amazing forest route with historical statues and a chapel is awaiting us, where we will familiarise ourselves with the spiritual roots of the Hungarians and their reverence for Mary. Then we will follow the footsteps and wisdom of the only religious order founded in Hungary: the mysterious Pauline monks.

This medieval order was so unique in its practices that it needed a special intervention to be accepted by the Pope, and they had a number of initiation ceremonies that are known by few. We will visit the ruins of their monastery and learn about the caves underlying the hills where the „white monks” were buried but were never found. After a refreshing break at the local cukrászda (cake shop) we will take the blue trail (which has recently been rated amongst the fifteen most beautiful hiking routes of the world) and head up to Dobogókő through the Rocks of the Rogues, a valley of startling and wild beauty.

We will learn about the unique nature of Hungarian shamanism: about the táltos, who was the spiritual leader, sacred animals, healing methods. After an energising climb we will arrive at our destination where a breathtaking view of the Danube Bend, wooden houses of organic architecture and the statue of Indian philosopher Sri Chinmoy await us, combined with a lunch and drink of your choice at Zsindelyes restaurant or a picnic in nature if you wish. Filled with insights, we will take a bus and suburban train back to the city, arriving back early evening.

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