Reservations and bookings


As you can see from the description of our tours, trainings and performances, they are not amongst the programme range of mass tourism or standard courses/events, hence they require preparation, props and materials as well as careful planning. In Hungary we have pleasant weather from spring to autumn, summers may get hot but our nature routes always offer some respite and shadow, while our city tours avoid crowded areas and there is always a café or place to refresh if necessary.

Because of the content and delivery of each tour, the guides need to be informed well in advance (at least a week) of the interest in a tour, the tutors of a requested training, and of course the attendance in our performances and story nights also needs advance planning. Naturally, we will do our best to fulfill your request on a shorter note as well. In any case, a bank transfer of 50 per cent of the entire tour/course/translation/show fee is mandatory to book your place and to receive a guaranteed spot on our events. When you request a tour on our form or through an email if we have been recommended to you by someone, you will receive all the payment details. Once the transfer has come through, you will be confirmed your spot and given all the details of the programme (meeting point, what to bring, useful info and tips).

The rest of the price will be paid at the beginning of each programme, in Hungarian Forint, Euro or US Dollar. Please inform us in advance which currency you prefer, for us to have some change on us and to be able to write the invoice/receipt accordingly. In the case of bad weather or an unforeseen event (illness, accident, flight cancellation, etc.) we will find an alternative time or date or location for you, and you will receive the same content with the same quality experience. We cannot provide a refund, but we provide options.