Tragicomedy tour: Women in history

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This tour takes place in nature, on the Hungarian St Jacob’s Pilgrim Route including the lookout which Queen Sissy frequented and the church of Makkosmaria (Mary of the Acorn) This is not a feminist tour, it is a tour about the role and significance of females in the past and present, pinpointing their stories of pain and pleasure, their struggles and success.

Both women and men are welcome, you’re bound to laugh and empathise with the female protagonists of this historical tragicomedy tour, delivered by your actor guide. Have you noticed that most visitors to any country are inundated by stories of kings, princes and male politicians? It is the case in Hungary as well. However, we have had a number of women who had shaped history, consciousness and culture to a large extent. You will hear about their lives in the form of monologues.

A single prop, a magic hat will serve as a tool of transforming the mentor guide who will assume the roles of women of a plethora of social classes.

Languages: English, Hungarian

If needed, in both languages simultaneously.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Entire time of the walk.

Age: 18+

Recommended. However, families with small children may also attend.

Group size: 1-5 people

Special individual mentoring. This tour is suitable for individuals and small groups alike.

Type: Self-development tours

Half a day tour.

Price: 150 EUR

150 EUR (without public transportation tickets)

There will be an opportunity to step into the shoes of any of these characters for a while, as we will use a forum theatre format: part of the monologues will be acted out a second time and during the main conflict you can take the role, saying how you would have reacted to the same situation, thus bringing the story of the tragicomedy tour to a different end.

Interactivity is guaranteed. Some women we are going to introduce in the form of dramatic monologues include the following: Gizella, the first Queen of the Kingdom, Margaret, nun of royal background after whom Margaret Island is named, and Angela, most famous cook of the Communist era, wife of the famous one-minute story writer István Örkény.

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