In every country there are different habits and customs based on their history and culture formed throughout thousands of years.

However, countries related to the same cultural circle have more common features than if we compare them to the lifestyle of distant and other countries with different religions. The stereotypes about countries come from the historical time when you did not know anything about someone except for their nationality, so you could draw the conclusions from inference. Nowadays owing to the globalisation the world is becoming a small village with a lot of various cultures of course, but cultural differences decrease every day.


Stereotypes about Hungary form an interesting topic of discussion amongst locals and tourists alike.

What I like about Hungarian people is that we are generally considered to be hospitable. We can work hard, but we have fun as well. Budapest is one of the most liveable party cities in the world. We have a lot of opportunities to go out and relax with our friends.

On the other hand, Hungarian people are said to be very pessimistic. Visit our tour to deepen your understanding: Cycles of a nation. We always complain to everyone about our lives and state of health. We are not excellent at speaking foreign languages because language education was not sufficient before. However, I think there is a steady development in this and now most of the children and young adults can speak one foreign language at least so they have a chance to study, work and live abroad.

I think English people are the opposite of us regarding small talk. „How are you?” is part of the greeting. They do not expect a long story or complaint. If they are really interested in our feelings they will find another way to figure them out. Everybody tells that the English weather and cuisine are awful. When I spent 6 weeks in England in autumn 2014 I was surprised because in every restaurant I had very delicious meals. The weather was better than in Hungary at that time.

So I find it true that there are two sides to a coin when we talk about stereotypes about Hungary. However, there is a third side as well, if we observe it more carefully (the width). Never judge without careful observation and find the beauty in everything.