I was born in a country that abounds in mystery regarding both its past and present. When my life started, my home was behind the stern Iron Curtain that divided East from West. Consequently, I experienced a soft dictatorship and liberal capitalism as well. When I was 9, I was asked by my primary teacher if I wanted to become a guide one day.

My answer was an immediate and enthusiastic ’yes’. Little did I know then that I would not only major in history at University, but I would also have the opportunity to find the thread for my own family’s turbulent history. In my case this refers to three generations before and after the political changes. So I retraced what events had shaped my psyche and what impact society has on individuals in general.




I decided to share the insights that I have about the sociological question of „nature and nurture” with visitors who started to flock to our country after the EU accession in 2004. Because I trained to become a licensed guide, I had plenty of options to tailor my tours to my audience. I design unique routes as well as scenarios based on a number of themes. 80 per cent of my work is done in English, and the rest in German and Spanish. In 2019 I started my own company offering various tours related to my qualifications and experience. Naturally, the backbone of my services is tourism that is based on interactive methods of delivery.  These include drama, songs and folk tales.

I have placed my available tours in four main categories. You can find a range of programmes in each of them. Altogether, you can book twelve different tours with me.

Below you can find a list of exciting routes and themes to facilitate your choice.

Cycles of a nation – map of life iconCycles of a nation – map of life 
Travel in time and listen to a series of historical monologues on a mystical hill, construct your own map of life, find your essence! More

Tragicomedy tour Women in history iconTragicomedy tour: Women in history
Women have shaped Hungarian history more than you think, come and explore their pleasure and pain on this interactive forest tour based on dramatic monologues! More

Pilis The sacred route iconPilis: The sacred route
A guided pilgrimage: revelations and reflections on a mysterious nature trail where the words of shamans, monks and philosophers will guide you! More

General Tour for Individuals and Companies iconGeneral Tour for Individuals and Companies
Highlights and hidden curiosities of Buda Castle: a tour of visual delight and historical insight, the unbeatable start for your trip! More

Nazism and Communism – Everyday life iconNazism and Communism – Everyday life
Come to the authentic Jewish Quarter and political district of Budapest to experience how to remain human in an inhuman world! More

Quiz tour in the Castle iconQuiz tour in the Castle
Explore the curiosities of Buda Castle Area on this interactive tour, find intriguing signs and symbols, win the quiz and enjoy your reward! More

Gellért Hill – Witches and dictatorships iconGellért Hill – Witches and dictatorships
Come and discover true and legendary stories of the largest elevation in the city: ascend to the best panoramic viewpoint and descend to the best literary café! More

The Tree that Reached the Sky tour iconThe Tree that Reached the Sky tour
Our lives are tales that abound in excitement if we let it happen. Find your magic powers and the tree that reaches the sky in yourself! More

Fairy tour on Margaret Island iconFairy tour on Margaret Island
An interactive storytelling walk of colour and insights on the largest green area of our city embraced by the Danube: pick your folk tale! More

Day trip to Szentendre iconDay trip to Szentendre
Art, literature and history tour on the Danube bank in the most enchanting town in the proximity of Budapest: a true retreat for the soul. More

Enchanting Transdanubia iconEnchanting Transdanubia
Boost your health and sharpen your perceptions learning about Hungarian traditions on this off-the-beaten track country excursion! More


Tata The city of waters iconTata: The city of waters
The absolutely green tour of parks and lakes: discover the town of Tata in a day, fill up your senses, experience the harmony of nature and culture! More

Boost your health and sharpen your perceptions learning about Hungarian traditions on this off-the-beaten track country excursion!

Come and find your signs for orientation regarding both your personal life and Hungarian history/people while protecting and learning from nature: the Tree of Life is in you.